Monday, April 27, 2009

Frou Frou - It's Good to be in Love

such a beautiful song. such love that they cant even live without each other. how this songs emphasize the beauty of the existing love, for eternity. how they understand better. as the songs created, it is good to be in love.husky voice which may decent to ears, feels deeply touched down to the heart.
well, they are the reasons why i love this song a lot. sharing the love between Fuad and Faeza on their wedding video. u just wanna get married after watching this!

Celebrate Love: Fuad+Faeza from Manggis TV on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yuna- After Midnight

After Midnight

After midnight I shall kidnap you from the world
And I'll keep you in my room
Hush now my love and hold my hand
After midnight I shall take you to a place
Where no one else should know of
Hush now my love and hold my hand
You are exactly where you supposed to be
And if they come for you
They would have to find me
Keep me awake
Keep me amazed
Only for today
Keep me dazed
My love is yours only
After midnightI shall stay awake
And if you chose to close your eyes now
Hush now my love
I'll watch you sleep
You are exactly where you supposed to be
And if they come for you
They would have to find me
Keep me awake
Keep me amazed
Only for today
Keep me dazed
My love is yours only
Keep me awake
Keep me amazedOnly for today
Keep me dazed
My love is yours only

Koleksi Lagu Cokelat

Review on Youtube : Cokelat-Segitiga

Full Album :

Cokelat- Segitiga [link]

Cokelat - Bukan Hari Ini [link]

Cokelat - Karma [link]

Cokelat - Salah [link]

Cokelat - Pinjam Hatimu [link]

Cokelat - Terluka [link]

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Koleksi Lagu Pesawat

Hai, sorry bagi yang sentiasa melayari page ini, maklumlah skarang kan busy dengan final .. So aku hiatus sekejap. oh untuk refresh page aku ini, aku mulakan dengan review and peng-donlodan lagu latest aku nak share ngan kamu orang. All of you let me introduce, Pesawat, quite famous Indieband from Malaysia. This young and full of enthusiasm guys had spend years of hardwork from the underground to maybe-school prom nite to this stage of succes.

Beradik Bunkface Couple kot yang sedang melonjak naik!


Nak review dulu tak.tak rugi.mari sama-sama menilai muzik they all.

Pesawat - Mirage

Download at attached songs :)



Excuse me.mp3

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Koleksi Hujan Indieband

01. Hujan - Dugaannya (3:38)
02. Hujan - Jiwa Kelajuan (3:25)
03. Hujan - Rantai Rasa (3:48)
04. Hujan - Bila Aku Sudah Tiada (4:45)
05. Hujan - Luka Mana (2:31)
06. Hujan - Kuala Lumpur (4:35)
07. Hujan - Ahmoi Chantek (3:36)
08. Hujan - Pijak Hatiku (5:42)
09. Hujan - Neon (3:55)
10. Hujan - Ku Mahu Kau Tahu (2:09)
11. Hujan - Aku Scandal (4:11)
12. Hujan - Gundah (3:19)
13. Hujan - Pagi Yang Gelap (4:04)
14. Hujan - Empayarmu (3:52)

Koleksi Lagu Elyana

Koleksi Lagu Meet Uncle Hussain

Friday, April 3, 2009

cOLLECTions of Kate Perry


Nak pegi tak?? Nie download songs dey all dulu..maybe u'll like it.

Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sheila On 7 - Album Menentukan Arah

Just click the songs and enjoy. Lama tak nampak dorang nieh.
Tracklist :

KAMI MOVIE Soundtrack

Meet Uncle Hussain – Lagu Untukmu
Bittersweet – Kucing Hitam
Nitrus – Kamu
One Buck Short – Kelibat Korupsi
Pop Shuvit Set You On Fire Feat. John HD From Nervewreck
OAG – Nowhy2
Couple – Now That I Can See
Meet Uncle Hussain – La La La Kerjalah
OAG – Permysuri
Gerhana Ska Cinta – Shake Yer’ Body Feat. Too Phat
Estranged – Itu Kamu
Pop Shuvit – Killing Time
Gerhana Ska Cinta – Senyuman Ragamu Feat. Radhi OAG
Love Me Butch – ReconcileThe Times – Statik

Download the tracklist HERE

Koleksi Lagu Faizal Tahir

Powered by ziddu :

Brandy - Right Here

Brandy - Right Here

Joey Moe - Lullaby

Joey Moe- Lullaby

Augustana - Boston

Augustana - Boston

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why i Love Bunkface . Not Silly me!

Guys guys. just wanna share some videos here. from bunkface. just love to watch walaupun cam poyo skit video nie.heh. masa awal2 bunkface nak naik nama kan. okay enjoy. Bunkface, Malaysia Indiebands,boys from Selangor.

Video Preview: Silly Lily

Collections de Acoustic


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Click song and download :

Saturday, March 21, 2009

INDIE INDIE LOCALS i'm loving them.

Bliz - Mimpi Yang Mati.mp3

Hujan-Aku Scandal.mp3

Konfrantasi Primadona.mp3